Can I donate a used bike? Unfortunately, we are unable to accept used bikes. However, we recommend you contact the Westside Community Bike Shop (West Chester) or Urban Bike Project of Wilmington. Both organizations teach young people how to fix bikes and provide them the opportunity to earn a donated bike. They will happily accept your used bike donation!

I would like to donate a helmet. What sizes do you need?
Each bike is earmarked for a specific child. With over 100 children receiving bikes each year, we are able to pair any helmet size with a bike – boys or girls, ages 3 – 17.

Can I volunteer at the bike-build?
Certainly! Registration is required, however, so check out all the details and sign up here!

I’m signed up for the bike-build – should I bring any tools?
Yes! If you have wrenches, a bike stand, pump, or other tools of the trade, please bring them along to assist in your bike-building endeavors!

I’m signed up for the bike-build, but I don’t know the first thing about putting a bike together!
That’s okay. We have lots of work that needs to be done without wrenching and ratcheting: pumping tires, recycling boxes, wrapping helmets, organizing bikes, etc. And if you want to assemble a bike, we have a talented and dedicated team of local gear-heads and cyclists who are happy to help!

How many bikes have you built?
To date, we’ve assembled 1521 bikes for deserving children in the community.

I’m coming to the bike-build, but where are you guys?
We are located at 901 S. Bolmar St., Suite N, in West Chester, PA 19382. See map below:

Still have a question?
Drop us an email at and we’ll get right back to you.