Building Bikes for Deserving Children in the Community

In 2008, with the economy hurting and donations to holiday toy drives down, Pine Street Carpenters launched The 100 Wheels Project. We purchased 50 unassembled bicycles (thus, “100 Wheels!”), gathered our employees, friends, and families together for a bike-building party, and donated the bikes to deserving children in the community. We quickly discovered the need is great each year, and The 100 Wheels Project became an annual event, growing along with that need.

Looking ahead to our 17th year, we continue to partner with local social service agencies and non-profits to identify specific children in need in the community. We purchase unassembled bicycles for these children and rally the elves here at Pine Street and beyond for our bike-build. Each December, over 100 volunteers – Pine Street employees, our friends and families, and the local cycling community – turn out for a bike-building party. Within just a few hours, they help churn out over 100 bikes for deserving children! To date, we’ve assembled and donated 1521 bikes.

Once the bikes are assembled, we deliver them to our partner non-profits, who in turn distribute the bikes to specific children in their care. Come Christmas morning, dozens of children will beĀ popping wheelies and riding down sidewalks in the December air – a “smile below each nose and above each chin.”

Every child dreams of a brand new bike. Join us and help make it happen!